Here we host a collection of data resulting from publications in the P-Mag Lab

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Dorfman et al., (2015) Burial lake Magnetic Data

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From: Dorfman et al., (2015)  A 37,000-year environmental magnetic record of aeolian dust deposition from Burial Lake, Arctic Alaska, Quaternary Science Reviews, 128, 81-97. (Link to Article)

Description: Magnetic hysteresis, magnetic susceptibility, magnetic remanence, and sedimentological data and radiocarbon dates from Burial Lake Alaska.

Hatfield et al., (2013) Iceland & Greenland Stream Sediment Magnetic Data

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From: Hatfield et al., (2013)  Source as a controlling factor on the quality and interpretation of sediment magnetic records from the northern North Atlantic. Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 368, 69-77. (Link to Article)

Description: Hysteresis, magnetic susceptibility, remanance data for bulk and particle size stream sediment samples collected from Iceland and Greenland

Stoner et al., (2013) U1305 Holocene Magnetic Data & 'GreenIce' Data

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From: Stoner, J.S., J.E.T. Channell, A. Mazaud, C. Xuan, & S.E. Strano (2013) The influence of high latitude flux lobes on the Holocene paleomagnetic record of IODP Site U1305 and the northern North Atlantic. Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems, 14, 4623-4646. (Link to article

Description: Paleomagnetic and environmental magnetic data for the Holocene portion of U1305. Paleomagnetic data from ‘GreenIce’ – a composite paleomagnetic record of MD99-2269 and MD99-2322 from the Iceland and Greenland margins.

Stoner et al., (2007) MD99-2269 Magnetic, 14C & Carbonate Data

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From: Stoner JS, Jennings A, Kristjánsdóttir GB, Dunhill G, Andrews JT, Hardardo ́ttir J (2007) A paleomagnetic approach toward refining Holocene radiocarbon-based chronologies: Paleoceanographic records from the north Iceland (MD99-2269) and east Greenland (MD99-2322) margins. Paleoceanography 22. (Link to Article)

Description: PSV, 14C, Carbonate, and Magnetic Data for MD99-2269 for the Holocene